Since launching in 2010,
FMN has found a way to turn the art of patterns
into a true conceptual work.

Founded by Coco Brun, Forget Me Not is a French art studio first launched in London in 2011 and now based in Paris.  Naturally evolving from Coco’s experimental work and installation, it has converted special commission projects and research activity into a small series production.


FMN support the art and craft trades by working with local artisans and factories who are instrumental in preserving important knowledge. We favour work carried out via French and Italian manufacturing, with the help of expert craftsmen, working with selected metals, textiles, marbles and lacquered surfaces, combining long experience with an eye for detail and unique working techniques. Our production is sustainable, favours handcrafted work and recyclable materials, and is done in short circuit.


We tailor our concepts with each specific object, surface and material in mind. Whether it is printed, sewn, embroidered, sculpted, assembled, digitally displayed or engraved, from 2D to 3D, silk to ceramics and plastic to wallpapers, the potential for creating the perfect piece knows no borders.


A multi-layered, stimulating sensory experience is at the center of our design approach. Through an exploration of form, color, materiality and an intuitive juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage, geometric and organic, graphic and instinctual, we aim to create a wealth of experiences into every space, where history and modernity, baroque and minimalism, can and should coexist.