When you set out on your own business, the beauty is that you’re actually never working alone; you continue to extend and build on your existing network, collaborating with others who are doing their own thing too.  Because it is a lot of work to produce a collection from early sketches to product shots and a pop up store – you’re always going to be working with others.  Some of the best friends I’ve made over the years have come from works where I’ve met similarly driven and creative people who inspire me. I’m always looking at new ways to work on projects with others, bringing new people in, and having a stronger offering through collaboration. 

When I met Aurelia Paoli, from Beauregard Studio, our offices were on the same street in Paris. I didn’t have any connections into interior design and we started to discuss.  Quickly, with a natural synergy, I was fortunate to start collaborating with her on a joint collection entitled “Affinités” that now includes a wide range of products : cement tiles, wallpaper, cushion covers, throws and stained glass design.  These products work well with the idea of customisation. Each tiles are handmade so you’re able to choose your own colors from a rich selection, with the possibility of creating truly unique pattern combinations.

All the collection is available Online 

Photo – Marion Kotlarski

Set design – Mégane Servadio