Paris-based multidisciplinary artist, Coco Brun creating drawings, sculptures,
installations and design pieces
based on the creative exploration
of geometry and nature.

Born in Douarnenez, France, Coco Brun is a Paris-based interdisciplinary artist whose works blend art, patterns and product design. Her rhythmic patterns find their inspiration in her own nomadic life since her childhood, the observation of organic shapes and textures, the powerful legacy of myths, architecture and the avant-gardes, and a strong taste for geometric abstraction.

Rooted in an arts degree and years of collaboration with magazines and luxury houses, her understanding of art and the object is infused with a hybrid aesthetic that playfully incorporates all these elements along with a sensitivity that oscillates between ornamental exuberance and minimalism. This signature style informs her work on mixed-media drawings, wall installations, textile and embroidery pieces, hand-painted and patterned ceramics, as well as sculpted leather vases. 

Coco – who sees her work as a bridge between craft, industry and art – has long been interested in forging links between her research-based practice and the wider industry. Experimenting across different fields, genres and materials, she has won commissions and taken part in a wide variety of collaborations, including limited editions for galleries and museum concept stores.